Identity and access management for the .NET platform.


OtterID is an identity and access management system for the .NET platform that utilizes the well-known protocols OAuth 2.x and OpenID Connect (OIDC). Our goal is to build a solution that can be deployed as-is, providing user authentication and authorization with sane defaults, while also offering extensive customization capabilities for the more advanced use-cases.


Short answer: When it is ready.

Longer answer: The project is currently built by two people in-between full-time jobs and other things. As much as we do want to spend all our time building awesome things (like OtterID), reality often gets in the way. However, as the project gains traction we should be able to spend more time on it, and less time on silly real life stuff.


We feel that the .NET environment is lacking a solution that can be used as-is without any modification, and without any complicated licenses (OtterID is free open source software!).

Why the name OtterID?

Otters are cool animals! They are one of the few animals known to use tools (and OtterID is a tool for managing authentication and authorization). They are very social animals and are often found in groups called rafts, which can consist of up to 1000 otters! (And authentication is all about knowing who someone is)


Current status

A MVP version of OtterID is currently being tested by a few small organisations.

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